18 y/o learning quantum machine learning

"Step by Step, Ferociously"


  • Writing a chapter for the Qiskit Textbook on unsupervised QML as a Qiskit Advocate
  • Learning as a freshman at the University of Waterloo for computer engineering

Where I've worked

Zapata Computing - Quantum AI Intern

  • Researched more efficient training methods for quantum generative models.
  • Developed Orquestra codebase to enable effortless development of QGANs (quantum generative adversarial networks).

What I've done

Built a project applying quantum generative adverserial networks to learn sequential data [link]

  • Under the guidance of a research scientist from AWS Braket, built a hybrid quantum-classical version of the Wasserstein generative adversarial network. [link]
  • Evaluated learnability of conditional QGANs for sequential data prediction [link]
  • Investigated heuristics for optimal training of QGANs [link]

Quantum portfolio optimization [link]

  • Used quantum generative adversarial networks for portfolio optimisation
  • We built an exploratory project applying qGANs and VQE to solve the mean-variance portfolio problem. This placed our team in the 95th percentile of participants in the QHack quantum machine learning hackathon winning over $4000 in AWS credits.

Wrote about the basics of quantum generative adversarial networks [link]

  • Explained QGANs for quantum computing enthusiasts.
  • Derived the cost function and other mathematical properties stated in the original paper

Generalized QAOA to solve the Max-Cut problem [link]

  • Built a general quantum approximate optimization algorithm for solving weighted cases of the Max-Cut problem

Multi-class quantum support vector machine on wine dataset [link]

  • Reached an 83% accuracy in classifying between the three classes of the wine dataset given low training dataset sizes.

Developed an AI SMS-based text engine being used by South Africans [link]

  • An alternative search engine that we’ve developed & trialed, allowing rural South Africans with a mobile phone to be able to send internet search queries & receive back summarized results all through SMS
  • Placed top 3 in consulting challenge out of 150+ teams — project built as part of a TKS consulting challenge w/ United Nations.

Consulting project for Instacart [link]

  • Addressed customer experience holdbacks by providing an easy-to-implement solution filling data gaps in the Instacart to retailer to CGP pipeline.
  • Won first place in consulting challenge out of 30+ teams.